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I have lost my Schnauzer - she was much older than I was told and only had her for 4 1/2 years. I loved her so much and I really miss her. I was told she was much younger when I got her.

please keep me updated on your rescues. I am looking to adopt.

Me and my wife have two schnauzer. A solid black one he is 6 and a solid white one with green eyes and brown lips and brown nose she is 4. We love them and they love us. Hard to go anywhere with out them when my little looks at me with them green eyes and does that schnauzer yell.

I cant wait to adopt one of the lovely ladies from this rescue. I know she would love it with us.

Hi, Sent you the link to your listed email but wanted to see if you ever need PA help then would like to volunteer. I am in PGH.

Wanting to find a playmate for our schnauzer Jesse he is 2 and half yrs old just checking you dogs. Thought we would adopt this time just love schnauzers.

I will be adopting my next schnauzer from your site. I love the fact that you wonderful people rescue these poor babies. I was going to adopt Samson a couple years ago but was afraid if he would have gotten along with my baby Sassy. She's my pride and join and I love her more then words could possibly tell

Just lost my 13 1/2 year old Shih Tzu and a friend suggested I might like a miniature schnauzer. Just found your organization through Petfinder and looking at the great dogs.

I am so glad I found you guys. It is hard to find a Schnauzer and Now I don't have to go to shops to fine one.

Miniature Schnauzer's Rock! Just learned about your organization and will be checking back frequently to see all your sweeties.

I am happy and touched to find such committed people reaching out to Schnauzers. I will tell my friends!

Just looking for now

I check in often looking for what is avail and to see if the dog we got from you is on you success pg. You named him Mr Derby and we kept that for him as he was over 5 yrs old at the time. He is very happy and has two schnauzer brothers, one was here when he came and the other one a lady dropped off and said she couldn't take care of him anymore, so we have him still.

just love the breed but can't afford it

i just lost MR. Lucky,a rescued schnauzer and am about ready to adopt another

I was admiring Lovey. She is very cute.

, Ohio.

Would like to adopt a mini schnauzer. Inspired by old Shadow (RIP), my brother's dog. Would like in the vecinity of FL and need information on shipping to Germany. Don't worry, I'd pay. Only looking for now. Will travel to FL in 2013 after surgery. Thanks for being there!!!

schnauzers rock!!!! they are the best!!!

I have a 9 year old schnoodle who misses her sister, a 15 year old corgi that we had to have put down. We are hoping to find her a friend so she won't be so lonely. It's so sad to watch her without her sister.

Checking out the adorable furkids

New to the Ohio area and checking into all of the schnauzer rescues as I may be interested in adopting another. Thank you!

Looking to adopt a Schnauzer to complete our family.


Looking for a lap sized (20 -35 lbs)companion for Selena - my 60lb. black lab rescue and my two cats - had a small standaard schnauzer for 17 1/2 years and would love to find another

I had a great dog named Trace who was with me for almost 16 years. He was a beutiful black/silver with nice markings. I am looking for another.

I adopted my Shia from SFRA approximately 10 years ago. My baby girl passed away on January 2nd from Cancer. She was such a greqt dog, lover, dancer and did a wooowooo. I miss that greeting at the door and sitting on my lap watching tv. I want to find another schnauzer, however, I am just not ready yet. I am going to keep visiting the web site.

My family has been researching Schnauzers to purchase or adopt. We are new to this breed but just think they are so adorable. Our friends own this breed of dog and rave about their pets. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. We live in southern Michigan, just at the state line of Ohio.

Your schnauzers are beautiful, all of them! I am currently looking for a companion for my 8 year old schnauzer male Jake. We recently had to say Goodbye to our Beloved Crickett. I know there will be no absolute replacement for her, I know he would like another companion after having one for so many years. I would also like to volunteer and help out when I can.

We rescued a mini in 2001 (April) she died this yr from cancer. We have
one other left. We had rescued Sch. and 2 Westies from shelters and puppy
mills in 2001 along with working with rescue. Fostered for 1-1/2 yrs. One
of the Westies died this yr also with cancer so we only have our 15 yr old
little Westie boy now. We are thinking of adopting again and our love
is still with the Mini Schnauzer and would love to find one 2/5 yrs of age.
Hope you will help us later.
Thank you

Nancy and Tom, We would do rescue for sure but will do it after our beloved Gabby says hello to our Lord in the sky. We would probably want two because they are such good friends to each other. Gabby is resting very comfrotable with her blood pressure medicine.

I looked through the dogs and found a couple that I like. We have a cocker spanial and want to get another dog. He is four years old. Of course he has to give his seal of approval. How exactly do we apply and see the dogs.

Just looking at your adoptables, Our Skipper was 15 and we having a hard time being with out a dog

Viewing your cite for a pet to adopt.

just cruising the website for a possible match for our family

My treasured Schnauz, Peeper, went to Heaven and I am looking for a new companion.

I am interested in "Lacey". I saw a picture and her name, but no information. Is there a female named Lacey available for adoption? I had a miniature schnauzer Agee years ago, and she was the smartest and cutest dog I have ever owned. She was sooooooooo entertaining all of her life.

I am very interested in adopting a miniature schnauzer. Also, I would like to know more about foster care. Thank you. Wanda

Do you have any idea how Lucas is with young children?

My son adopted a schnauser a few years back and when my Olde English Mastiff died suddenly in her sleep he brought up your organization because he loves his dog sooooooo much. I have fostered many, many animals in Westerville, Ohio with CHA (Citizens For Humane Action). For the first time in my life I have been without pets. I always have two of the same animal therefore I would probably adopt or foster at least two dogs.

We just lost our 12 1/2 Yr old to Panc. cancer and we are looking for another one to fill the void. Would rather get one from a organization such as this rather than go out and buy one.... Help us find one........

We lost our beloved Skipper, a 15 year old Scnauzer, on Sept 27.We have loved him from the moment we meet him, a few weeks old.

Possibly looking to adopt - some great dogs.

with my dogs. After adopting from a rescue I would highly recommend it to anyone and would do it again in a heartbeat. There is nothing like a dog who is fostered and knowing all their quirks and of course good points before making a decision on who to place them with and vice versa. I wish you luck in placing Lucas.

Thank you for doing things others can't - to help those who can not help themselves is a quality a lot more people should warm up to ..... Who can resit those eyes of a little one - whether they crawl - walk - fly or swim - we all are but creatures of this Earth .

Fell in love with Pierre's picture. Hoping to adopt him!

we adopted Mr. Derby 2 yrs ago from you and he is thriving here and very happy. plays with our other schnauzer Toby, they are never apart, just looking at new playmates

Hello, I am a supporter of this cite. I adpopted a mini from Nancy in 1997 Rudi.. love her .. she was all my love.. she left me just under a month of 15 y/o and low and behold. I adopted another Raven from a breeder near Akron who was in need to find a home for her. she is a doll.. I have 2 love the breed.. I will always feel warm and fuzy for Nancy and her crew.. for their love of schnauzers and helping us all find a great adaptive dog...

Love the schnauzer breed. Lost my first boy at a very young 8 years, he was the best, had a genetic defect that caused him to draw up his hind leg and tripod, got to painful for him, had to let him go to Rainbow bridge, miss him every day. Have a new boy now that is my heart!

Just stopping by. We lost our miniature schnauzer two years ago. I still miss him so much. I want another so badly but his loss was so difficult for our family, I'm just not ready yet.

Looking for a mini Schnauzer to become part of my family here in NC. Thanks for all you guys do and good luck!

just looking at your beauties

Already have one little schnauzer and will adopt again in about a year. Just getting to know your site. Never had a schnauzer until we got Oliver and will never have any other breed again! I'm hooked on these crazy little guys.

interested in Brit. Please email me so we can talk.

Just looking at available dogs - love my CeCe I adopted from SFRA in probably 2001. She is one of your success stories. Lost my other schnauzer almost 3 years ago and miss him terribly.

Looking to add another Schnauzer to my family.


Last Saturday, I saw a beautiful salt & pepper male miniature schnauzer that has sadly misplaced his owners. Someone was kind enough to bring him to the SPCA Cincinnati Shelter on Colerain Avenue so he didn't get hurt on the street. He appeared to be recently groomed, ears were cropped and tail was docked and just adorable. Sadly, no chip found, no collar or tags. :-( If you hear of someone who's misplaced their miniature schnauzer, can you please direct them there.

My mother had a Schnauzer growing up and would absolutely love one now...

i want to foster a schnauzer have fenced yard and lots of love to give

My husband and I love our little fur-kid Bentley. He is a 4-year-old mini Schnauzer. He was a breeder release. I guess their dogs didn't breed at an optimal time, so they were going to get rid of them. Even though he has very serious skin allergies and is now on Atopica, we couldn't image life without him and now we are thinking we want to add another little schnauzer love to our family

You have such beautiful dogs on your site! Lucas was the one that caught my eye first - he is such an unusual color and has such soulful eyes. We have a 3 yr old who is wheelchair bound and nonverbal. She tested positive for a dog allergy so we have been looking into "hypoallergenic" breeds. Your site really has me considering a schnauzer!

We've had two schnauzers and I'm looking for my third. Max had only one eye and was rejected by a breeder. Lucy was a small female from a rescue shelter. We are looking for a small schnauzer, between 10-14 lbs, female, housebroken, socialized, non-shedder. No color prefernce. But not overly barky. Is there a match out there for us? We live in Louisville

We lost our sweet Hogan just before his 15th birthday and found your site while researching breeders. I hope little Cooper finds a good home. He looks like such a sweetie!

Looking for our next schnauzer adoption.

I would like to have a schnauzer pup. I had one many years ago and I would love to have another.

Just found your site. I have decided that I would like my next pup to be a schnauzer. I grew up with schnauzers and look forward to having one as a part of our family. I admire those of you who are foster parents! Thank you for what you do!

Thanks so much dfor a wonderful job you are doing. I adapted my second Schnauzer, Maggie, From Colorado Schnauzer Vintage Rescue almost two years ago - she was 10, blind, with terrible ear infection, etc. She had various surgeries, cataracts removed, and now, at the age of 11.5, is the most beautiful, playful and healthy white schnauzer. ItI think love can transform everything, even old age aznd years of neglect.

Hi, we were interested in Taffy, located in Cincinnati OH.

Seeking another wonderful schnauzer for our family. We just lost one of our first (almost 15 years old) and our youngest is grieving. We got three as puppies but now want to provide an older dog with a great place to enjoy life and get lots of love.

I wanted to say hello!!
I was looking at sites to adopt a schauzer,however I am in Colorado and I am sure you all do not work with area. I currently have one schnauzer now that I love and adore and I would to add to a female to our family. Jack is only about 2 1/2 years old so I was looking for one about his age. I love the site!! Keep up the good work we need more organizations like you guys!!

April Peace

I had a miniature schnauzer, Haley, for 12 1/2 years, until she passed away. She grew up with my daughter, Brooke, and I swear once you have a schnauzer you are hooked for life! Everytime I see a neighbor or stranger walking one, I stop them like a "crazy" person to ask them about their schnauzer! That's how hooked I am. When I saw your sight, I was interested.

I had a miniature schnauzer, Haley, for 12 1/2 years, until she passed away. She grew up with my daughter, Brooke, and I swear once you have a schnauzer you are hooked for life! Everytime I see a neighbor or stranger walking one, I stop them like a "crazy" person to ask them about their schnauzer! That's how hooked I am. When I saw your sight, I was interested.

hello :) im on the lookout for a new schnauzer, we previousy had one and i miss him dearly. its lovely to see websites like this that take care of the dogs!

we recently suffered a terrible loss. Our 3 y/o mini allie passed on. Her 6 y/o brother is completely lost without are we. We are searching for a new member to add to our family.

Would love to have a puppy

Thanks for all you do to save these dogs.

We have had miniature schnauzers in the past but now have a Bichon who was recently diagnosed with cancer. We are looking for a new addition to the family -- although we can never replace our wonder Bichon. We will consider rescues, and a search for that special dog is on.

I have been thinking about getting a dog to comfort me in my first apartment this fall. My aunt has a miniature schanuzer and she is so cute and loving. I need a dog under 25lbs that will be okay left alone for 3-4 hours while I am at class/work. I really want to find a dog that needs a loving home, and not one that was bred to be sold.

I think it's great that there are groups like this :)

I have a Miniature Schnauzer and Chihuahua that were both strays. Couldn't ask for better dogs. I can't imagine buying a dog when so many are already in need of a home. Would love to bring another home from your rescue but don't have a fenced in yard or the finances to do that at this time. I'm working on both. I'm sure I'll look you up again when things come together.

. Please email me if I can Help. I would love to foaster but I am afraid I would not be able to let that pet go and become attatched. If you have any you think would be a good adoption please email me. I live in Shelbyville,Indiana in a home. Teddy and I take many frequent walks through the neighborhood. Thank You, Mona Gail Clark

I hope Tony and Snickers are doing well!! I had a friend with a blind cat, and my cat has no teeth and tummy issues herself. I bet they are both great pets, and if could adopt or donate, I WOULD!!

You have so many wonderful schnauzers listed. I hope sometime in the near future to be at a point where I can adopt one. Keep up the good work.

After putting my best friend down on November 9, 2009 at the age of 14 I am looking for another one to give my heart to. I am a college student studying vet tech and horse production. I would love to adopt another one after I graduate.

Keep up the great work!

We are just beginning the process of expanding our family and have chosen to look for rescue Schnauzers as the breed we feel will fit best with their large dog attitude in a smaller body. We now have time, as empty nesters,
and have had pets most of our married life.
IT's Time , for us and we know there it's always time for dogs looking for a home...we just need to find the right mix for all

Our first Miniature Schnauzer (Shadow)died last year of old age so we would like another to keep us and our Schnauzer 2(Goldie)company. Roxanne wants a young Schnauzer for her birthday (today) and we decided to adopt to save another dog from the pound rather then going to a breeder.

Our little Odie died last week. He was 12 1/2 years old. We miss him terribly.

Sadie Mae is so sad and has been since she lost her companion BoBo six months ago

Would like to adopt a dog for my 8 year old grandaughter. It would stay here in my house fhe lives next door and has several older brothers and sisters, no one near her age.

would love to adopt him! we lost our little one in Feb. and we are lost without him.please read my e-mail. Thank You!

We lost our little girl at the end of August after more than 15+ years. We could not have asked for a better furchild, she was the light of our lives. I know soon, I will be ready for the pitter patter of little feet on the floor again!

My husband and I adopted our little Mia from SRFA two years ago, and we love her like our family! We can't imagine our life without her now. I would suggest adopting a dog to anyone. They are full of love and appreciation.

I use to have a Schnauzer and would like to have another some day. I have grandchildren and not sure a grown Schnauzer would get along with them.

I just stopped by to see what your rescue was about. I have two mini schnauzers who are brothers. There is never a dull moment in my house. They keep us laughing. I am considering being a foster parent to a male.

Hello my name is Kelly I am in Terre Haute, Ind. I am fostering for our local shelter a 4-6yr old female Schnauzer and a 2-3 yr old schnauzer/Maltese mix I am trying to get the word out they are available for adoption or place in rescue can you be of any help??

I saw Lady Daisy on SFRA website. I have been searching and searching for a comparable schnauzer female in place of my girl dog I just recently lost to IMHA in May (a devastating experience for both of us). I still have her brother who turned five in April. But I live in Newport News, Virginia and wanted to know if your rescue group would even consider an adoption in Virginia before I go to the trouble of completing an application. I would be willing to do the traveling. Lady Daisy resembles my Chloe and I was interested in knowing more about her. Thank you for your time.

I live in California and we have had our little girl Marley for a year now and she is always very happy to have some doggie company come over to play. We are looking for another dog for her. If there is anyone in our area that has a shnauzer for adoption please let me know. Thank you

i am interested in becoming a foster mom for miniature schnauzers I have a four year old named greta who would love some playmates We live in traverse city mi any info you have to help us in are quest would be greatly appreciated . thankyou

We are in LA, that's Lower Alabama, Is there any need for foster homes in our area?