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I lost mine about 15 years ago and I am looking for another one.

We have 2 babies. (15 yrs old & 7 yrs.. old.) They are our only children. My husband is disabled and they both are wonderful smart "service" animals. What's so amazing is they train each other to help with our special needs. That's love. It's fun to have two dogs together. Our younger one helps our older girl "see" when she needs it. They are real blessings from above!!:)

Our family consists of myself (33yr old female),my father,my two son's age 7 and 14. and our 4 1/2yr old mini Chyenne a salt n pepper female we are wanting to get another schnauzer to add to our family looking for a spayed female that is good with kids and other dogs.

I have had a Schnauzer (or two) in my house for 23 years now. I lost my Brutus 2 days ago and now my house feels so empty!

I have owned 3 Miniature Schnauzers in my lifetime. They are an amazing breed! I lost my last boy a few years ago after 13 amazing years of friendship! I am finally ready to adopt another!

hnauzer needs to know that the owners are in charge, while at the same time giving them lots of play, walks and love. If treated in this way, we know that a Schnauzer will be a loyal and loving companion for life!

I have been the proud owner of three miniature schnauzers since 1989. All three of my babies have been the runts with extraordinary needs. I just lost my Missy--the smartest and closest to being a human, four weeks ago. Emma
s picture and history is exactly what I know and love.

Just laid to rest my 14yr. old schnauzer "Buddy". I miss him so much. I fostered him from the Schnauzer Rescue in Cinn. and wound up having him join our family. After this hurt lessens, I hope to adopt again

We have a 7 year old female schnauzer & are want to get a puppy for our kids for Christmas.

we have a two yr. old schnauzer and live on SS and been told she is a diabetic, we cannot afford the daily shots and are looking for a GOOD home for her, very loving , trained and just a sweet girl, can you help us out at all?

Love them all I would keep them all if I had the place for all Miniature Schnauzers. Looking to foster them in Ct. and find another one for myself. God Bless them

looking to fill a big whole in our life left by our little boy Ozzie

Looking for someone to fill the empty hole in our hearts. Miss you Quincy

Lost my beloved 14 year old schnauzer, Freddie, on August 10th. Have fallen in love with and filled out the application to adopt Laci. Waiting impatiently to hear that she is still available and coming to live with us!

Looking for another schnauzer...just put ours down of almost 12 dog ever

Please let me know if you find one .


I am a emptynester my kids are grown and moved out. I babysit my grandaughter and soon to be grandson so I will need a schnauzer that loves kids.

I have had three schnauzer and loved them. I lost my last one recently and miss him so much.

Just lost my precious Lacey my mini schnauzer to autoimmune thrombocytopenia August heart has been heavy. Hope to rescue one that needs me and much as I will need them. I had Lacey. For 9 glorious years..I live in Bowling Green,Ky.

My wonderful Buddy boy passed away May 4th, and his sister with the same heart condition will be leaving us soon as well. I am looking to adopt another "four legged son or daughter" to join the family. My clint who is 7 misses Buddy boy and will be devestated once Amber leaves us. Would like a female younger than Clint to keep him company and active. Please keep me in mind. Thank you for caring for all these babies, every one deserves a forever home.

I am in search of a mini schnauzer. I live close to Dayton, Ohio. Can you help me please?

My beloved Schnauzer of 15 years, Spencer, passed away in February 2014. I miss him so and love the breed. I am looking to adopt another Schnauzer soon and would love to give one that needs a home, a place in my heart to be forever loved. Am also considering fostering.

I will keep watching we recently lost two Senior dogs. We still have our Schnauzer who is three we are hoping to add another young one soon. Please let me know if one comes in.

Please contact me if a young, female Miniature Schnauzer becomes available. My husband and I have had 3 and would love to adopt another one.

I wanted to look at your babies as I hope to move to Senior housing & I believe I want a furry roommate.

Thank you for the marvelous work you are doing. Since saying goodbye to our treasured Schnauzer, Colby, when he died of cancer last year, Sam has won my heart. I have his picture and profile posted on the wall next to my computer at work. It reminds me to pray for him to find a forever home. It is unbelievable to me that no one has wanted that precious little guy. I would apply in a heartbeat but I don't live in your adoption area.

Looking to adopt a mini. Grew up with one and would love to get one to add to our family

Recently lost our 12 year old schnauzer. Can't believe the huge hole it left in our family. Looking to adopt another to love as much as we did our Rascal.

We are about to lose our lovely 15 years old schnauzer. We are thinking of getting a schunauzer pup (We went so much with her than we want a pup that would be available as a 8 weeks old in July. Why July? because we will come back from Canada in July. We want to welcome a new puppy all together so has to be in July or August.

I look at your site regularly and can't wait until I have time and opportunity to foster or take another Schnauzer in. I love them and have one pure-bred guy and a rescue Schnoodle from the puppy mill. Thank you for all that you do!

So happy to see you're still rescuing. Just referred a gentleman to your website who is interested in adopting a rescue.

We live in New York state & want to know if the rescue adopts to people out of the state where the schnauzer is currently being fostered.

I am looking for a black male schnauzer that weighs over 15 lbs less than 25 lbs ranging in age 2-5. My husband and I live in a condo so there's no fenced yard.

lost my wonderful best friend.

Adopted a male rescue from Oklahoma last yr. Looking for an adult female mini. We live in gorgeous area in Northwest Catskills in NY. U

seeking schnauzer, lost our Dudley and want to give a good home and love to another. Dudley was 12 years old, through the years we have had other schnauzers. We are retired, quiet life in the UP of Michigan. Please contact. Thanks

I was so excited to see your website so I filled out an application. You have many cute dogs on your site.


Female only

Looking at adding another sweet miniature schnauzer to our loving family.

Would love to have more information on your rescue. Thank you for all that you do for the fur babies

Just wanted to say "Keep up the great work you're doing!" Sadie, who we adoped from you 8 years ago, is doing just great. She has so much love to give, and she keeps us and her fur brother, Casper, on our toes. She is still very active, and we can't imagine our family without Sadie in it.

We lost our schnauzer (Gerty) back the early part of the summer, we dog sat for our neighbors this weekend, a schnauzer (Friday) and we just fell in love all over again.

Love your website. Did research and kept coming back to your website. My husband and I will be submitting an application to you mid-February for consideration for a schnauzer. We lost our schnauzer Oliver 8 years ago and are now ready for another dog.

Had a schnauzer, she has passed away. I miss her something awful. Would love to have another one.

filled out my adoption application hoping to add aniother baby to our family! Hope to hear from you soon, keep up the great work

I have just donated to this wonderful charity on behalf of the Wadsworth Family. In memory of our beautiful Miniature Schnauzer "Whitney Maxine" who sadly passed away on February 21, 2013 at the age of 15. Love you always "WhiterWhiters"

Just looking; I have two Schnauzers and another dog of my own, and I'm always wondering if I can have a fourth dog. Not right now, but some day, I hope to contact you.

thank you for your work.

Please email me at "" if you have a "match" for us.


searching for a female schnauzer or standard poodle 5 yrs or younger that is housebroken, good with kids,dogs, cats and people.

Prefer a young adult, any color. Just love the breed, good guard dog.

Have had 3 schnauzers.Mother and father have passed and we now have 1 daughter left. Looking for another for a play mate for our female who is 12 rs young.our female is black with white muzzle-chest and feet are white with floppey ears. They are the best dogs ever.Hope to find one and will keep looking. Thanks


I just recently adopted Parker and then a few weeks later I adopted Chica. The best thing I have done. I just adore these two dogs and they have a great life with Earl and I. I really adore the personalities of these miniature schnauzers. I hope all of the miniature schnauzers find forever loving homes!!

I am just beginning to look at breeds after the treatment and then passing of my bicon frise froma spinal and respiratory condition that was debilitating though never diagnosed as cancer.

ut him down. Perhaps, sometime next spring would be a good time to contact us or we'll keep watching for "perfect fits" from now on. So far, Mindee and Storm have our attention. tx!

looking at schnauzers for my mom--I will talk to her about Parker.

For those of you considering adopting from SFRA, please don't hesitate. My husband and I have adopted three children from this organization, and couldn't have been happier. When adopted, these "children" show their appreciation of your love, and acceptance of them, more than you can ever imagine. We have been more than pleased with this great org.

I lost my Schnauzer Libby last year and after a knee replacement I am now ready to adopt another. I prefer a young female. She will have a good home with lots of love.

Just wanted to thank you guys so much for 9 wonderful years with my precious Cody. I adopted him 9 years ago today from a nice foster family in Ohio from you guys. My last name was Homan then. He is the best dog I've ever had. Thanks again!!

I lost my Libby last year and would like to adopt another (young female) Schnauzer. Please e-mail with any available.

We lost our best friend on Dec. 23 of this last year. We want to save a life and at the same time allow them into ours forever.

Interested in a schnauzer

I have submitted an application to adopt Parker. We recently had to put down one of our mini's due to cancer around his heart and lungs. The two were brothers from the same litter and had never been separated, Frick is completely lost without Frack, in-addition my wife and I love having two mini's so that we can each have one to spoil. Hope to hear from you soon.

We lost Sparkey this past year to brain cancer, he was 15 years old and he is so missed. My daughter and I have decided to rescue and have been approved through the shelter, and a couple local rescues but as cute and lovable as the dogs and puppies we've seen are, my heart is still longing for another miniature-Schnauzer. Needless to say when I found your web-site today I was elated. Bless you for all you do.

Please email me privately to find out more about Dutch.

Recently lost my bestfriend of 14 years and am looking for a new one. Could you send information on Dutch?

We recently lost our beloved Toby (schnauzer Mix). So I have just been looking around for cute Schnauzers that are available for adoption. My daughter (12 yrs old) and I have even talked about fostering as well. I applaude all your efforts at all you do for these wonderful loving smart dogs.


I commend you all on your hard work and dedication! :)

I have a schnauzer rescue from the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue out of Chicago. Schnauzers need to be rescued ... and they also rescue us. Thank goodness for all of you!!!!

LOVE your organization and everything you are doing for all the little schnauzers who need homes! I made our wedding favour a donation to you guys and I am so glad we didn't waste monny buying little junky things people would just throw away after!

Would love love love to have him! Thanks for what you do for this special breed!

I thought maxi is so cute

For all of you looking at this website. I have owned and mothered 3 SFRA mini schnauzers. Two were special needs when I adopted them, and the 3rd became special needs after I adopted him. I have never regretted one minute owning them. They thanked me from the minute I held them, until their last breath..... I thank God for them all.

Just looking for another Schnauzer to have in my life to love

I want to thank all of the foster moms for what you do and let you all know I have two wonderful schnauzers Jessie and Finnegan thanks too you and your rescue group thank you so much.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have the BEST dog in the world thanks to your organization. I adopted Cody back in August 2004. You guys picked him up at the Franklin County Animal Shelter in Columbus, OH. I was told he was a day away from being put to sleep when you saved him. He has been a true blessing. My last name then was Homan. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to adopt another sweet doggie from you guys. Thank you for everything you do!

Thanks for providing this option for schnauzer ownership

I recently had to give my schnauzer, Ollie, to this rescue center to be put up for adoption. Thank you for helping me find him a good home! I miss and love him.

Thank you for what you're doing and for the opportunity for me to help rescue a dog you guys are awesome!

Rainbow Bridge

I cannot believe anyone would be mean or not take care of loveable little Schnauzers...I am so glad for people like you!z9psr

We are considering fostering or adopting following the loss of our Schnauzer, Baxter.

Lost my husband (who said Schnauzers are the smartest dogs in the world) to cancer and our little girl Shadow (another mini) and I need another companion to help fill the void in our hearts and lives. Just moved and fence cannot go in until Spring since the ground is frozen, but wanted to start looking for a little love now. Love what you folks are doing to help care for these little guys.

I lost my schnauzer friend of 8 years. I am looking for another special friend to help fill that gap.

We are looking to adopt a Schnauzer to fill the emptyness in our home without a dog. We would like to have either Trixie or Winnie. I hope you will consider us. Thank you

We're interested in possibly adopting Winnie or Trixie. We submitted applications for both. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Hello, I'll keep your webpage marked, as I have a 3yr old Mini Schauzer, and would like another one. I have a safe fenced in yard that "Ida" enjoys running in and watching the ducks/geese in the lake from her yard, but she needs a playmate as she loves other dogs that come visit us. So, I thought I would consider rescueing a dog at the same time.

Thanks for all you do for these little guys!!

I'm looking to adopt. Is Winnie still available?

Lost my black male schnauser Max and his daughter Sophie is missing him a lot so have been looking for a compaion for her and me to help fill the empty place in our hearts. Schnauzers are the best pets EVER!

We Love Mini Schnauzers!! We already have one And want another for a companion.Best dogs in the world!!

love at first site. Im not avail for adoption till after Christmas. I want a young pup but one that has had some experience with humans:)

blessed little furry, bearded, (salt/pepper or black/white or black or brown or white) Schnauzers are like little people with four-legs in a fur coat! I love them with all my heart! My good friends told me.....if they were a dog, they would want to be my dog! Hahahahahaha!

I have lost my Schnauzer - she was much older than I was told and only had her for 4 1/2 years. I loved her so much and I really miss her. I was told she was much younger when I got her.

please keep me updated on your rescues. I am looking to adopt.

Me and my wife have two schnauzer. A solid black one he is 6 and a solid white one with green eyes and brown lips and brown nose she is 4. We love them and they love us. Hard to go anywhere with out them when my little looks at me with them green eyes and does that schnauzer yell.