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I live in California and we have had our little girl Marley for a year now and she is always very happy to have some doggie company come over to play. We are looking for another dog for her. If there is anyone in our area that has a shnauzer for adoption please let me know. Thank you

i am interested in becoming a foster mom for miniature schnauzers I have a four year old named greta who would love some playmates We live in traverse city mi any info you have to help us in are quest would be greatly appreciated . thankyou

We are in LA, that's Lower Alabama, Is there any need for foster homes in our area?

Living in active over 55 senior apt. need companion dog for lady that has had schnauzer's in the past. Calm older dog wanted. Lives alone.

Is there still a Cincinnati schnauzerfestival? It has been a few years since I attended and I haven't received any information on it this year.

Our family was fortunate to be able to adopt Doc in 2002. Unfortunately, due to health problems brought on by age, Doc is no longer with us. We had a great 8 years with his love & life. We are now considering adopting from you again & have been checking periodically on the pets you have available for adoption. Thanks for the enjoyment you gave to our family through Doc. Keep up your great work.

I had to have my little min dachaund put down last yr and suffered an accident shortly after. Doctor has asked that I not get a new baby yet. But I am fascinated by Schnauzers. I am studying the different breads and you have a wonderful website!. Thank you for all that you do. When I am ready to Foster I may give you a call.

I was so happy to see your card at the Vet's office. We have two standards and are about to lose both of them. I will be watching your site and hope we'll find our new loves here.

sampson is so cute , i want him recently had spike..salt and pepper pass away ..he was 13..poor little vinnie glad some one loves him

We have a mix. She was adopted at 8weeks old from the Cleveland APL. She's now 15. Definatley has Schanuzer in her. It's easily seen, not just physically but in behavior and temperment. She's our little Angel baby (Dixie)

I grew up with a schnauzer named Angel. She was an Angel & we all loved her sparkling personality. Now i'm looking for a little friend to add to my home. Would love to adopt again.

We lost our mini Shcnauzer almost a year ago. He was only 9 years old. I still miss and hope to adopt another soon. I check this site often but it is still too hard to think about bringing another home just yet.

We lost our Schnauzer in September and miss her so much. She was 12 yrs old and a delightful member of our family. Looking to adopt a rescue female schnauzer and what you all do is amazing. THANKS!

Thank you for helping the puppies.

My kids and I adopted Harley in December. He has fit into our family so well. He is such a sweet, lovable and well-mannered dog. It has been the best decision and I am so glad we chose adoption through rescue rather than buying a puppy somewhere. Harley is awesome and we love him so much! Thank you!

I've just seen that Darby has a pending adoption! Thank you so very much! I know that you have found him a great home and that they will be getting an amazing bundle of joy! We are so grateful to you and especially to his foster family! Blessings on you for the work you do!

Our adopted SRFA Mini Schnauzer, Sadie, has been a real blessing to our family. We adopted her six years ago, and we love her!

My mom and I check the site often, just curious in case we come across a dog we simply can't live without. We have always wished we could adopt Sampson, but he's too fiesty for us. We can hardly handle our current mini sometimes as it is. Keep up your good work.

How far do you accept fosters for dogs? I just love your site and the fact that you take older dogs! I have an 11 yr old foster that I'll be losing soon when she's adopted but she has been such a joy to have! Thank you for the work you do!

You guys are doing such a great job, I wish I could take little Samson!! Too bad you don't do adoptions in Canada. Thanks for all of your great work!

Tim and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Miller! He has settled in and he and Logan are like 2 peas in a pod now! Where ever one goes the other follows... they are such clowns :) We are so happy that we adopted him, as he has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives! Not to mention it is really entertaining to watch the 2 boys together. Every dog deserves a good home and we are so grateful to SFRA for all that you guys do in the community!

I adopted Gretal from you 7 years ago. We call her Gretchen. She is happy with us as we are with her! She was 5+ when we adopted her & is getting old now. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a year ago. She takes her medicine everyday and is still doing good. We love her so much and she returns the love. We will adopt again when she passes, but don't want to upset her by adopting while she is still with us. Thank you for providing a second chance for the dogs that you foster so that they can get a forever home!

Thank you for what you do. We adopted Frankie from you about 6 years ago, and are now considering adopting another.

Thank you so much for your great organization. It's wonderful what you do in helping these dogs. Can someone please let me know how Lizzy is doing? She was an amazing story. We have a 9 month old schnauzer that looks just like Lizzy and her sad story really hit home. Last time I checked she was doing well and up for adoption. My husband and I are so lucky to have a healthy loving schnauzer. I am hoping that we will be able to adopt a schnauzer from this organization in the future. Keep up the great work and thank you!

I was just looking @ some pics. You have some nice looking Schnau's. One of mine is a rescue, 7 yrs ago. He's been great after the 1st 3 mos. or so. Took me that long to get his weight up to 15lbs. He had been on his own a while & wanted to do things his way. I had 2 already. Bonded with Andy right off, Windi not so much big (35lbs) & bossy. Andy passed & Hanz is nearing 9y.o. but he doesn't act it. Any one thinking about it, do it. Schnauzers have attitude but they are a lot of fun!

I am a college student and I am waiting till my husband and I can afford our first dog of our own. I check up on your website often to see what new dogs you have available, and I keep hoping and dreaming that some day next year I'll get to take one home. Thank you for keeping the website updated and you'll be getting my adoption application hopefully soon! (Right now I have my eyes on Sarge...I hope he'll still be around when we are ready to adopt!)