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June 16, 2009:  Original Intake

Lizzy comes to SFRA thru joint efforts with another rescue in Indiana to help this poor baby.  Lizzy is five months old and basically has been unable to defecate her entire life.  Either through a congenital defect or something gone wrong during her first few days of life, Lizzy developed an infection that required surgery and subsequent developments that left her with an anal opening the size of a pinhead and unable to defecate.  Try as she might, she was unable to pass feces.  In fact, most of her time was spent hunched over and trying to do just that.  Poor Lizzy.  In fact, she had even quit eating because this created body waste and her little body just couldn’t hold any more! We have absolutely no idea how she is still alive or lasted until the age of 5 months except that she is of steel will and a FIGHTER!!!!

After arriving at SFRA, Lizzy was rushed to surgery on a Thursday night-thank you to our vets who worked into the evening because they didn’t feel Lizzy could wait until the next day!  Basically, the vets created a new anal opening for Lizzy.  The hopes are that once Lizzy is all healed she will be able to pass stool as any normal dog.  But, she may still need some more surgery if too much scar tissue is formed and shrinks the new opening or if the anal opening is too large and she is incontinent.  Time will tell, as right now she is on stool softeners to keep things moving so that she can heal without straining.  For now, Lizzy is feeling better than she ever has in her short life and giving kisses and playing like a normal 5 month old pup. 

We’re not sure how much longer Lizzy will need to be with us and how much more care she will need or if she will need any more procedures yet.  So far, she’s endured two big procedures and we can only hope for her sake she will not have to go through more - she’s such a tiny thing!  As always, we will do whatever it takes for Lizzy so that she can have the best life possible, but we survive totally on donations from those who empathize with SFRA and our mission to save the homeless Minis and rehabilitate them and find them loving forever homes.  If you have it in your heart to help Lizzy on her way and help SFRA fund Lizzy’s surgery bill so that we may also continue to help others, please contact us or mail your donation to SFRA at 10558 Mill Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240 or you may check out our fundraising auctions on eBay at http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/sfra96  or you may donate through PayPal----
Lizzy aka Libee Lyn
July 31, 2009:
Lizzy continues to amaze us.  She is no longer leaking feces and is pooping real poops for the first time in her life!! She returns for a check-up in a few days, but SFRA is certainly tickled with her progress!!!  She continues to be the puppy she never had the chance to be and has an amazing temperament for a little one who has suffered so much.  Each day is a victory for Lizzy and we can't wait to hear what our vets say at her check-up!

July 18, 2009:
Lizzy continues to progress, although we are still unsure of how well her bowel is going to heal.  We are trying some new medicines and hoping things will progress for the good.  Her stools are still somewhat loose and she still leaks so we are still praying for her healing.  In the meantime, she feels well--she barks, she plays, she cuddles and she gives kisses--everyone loves her!

July 1, 2009

Lizzy has made three return trips to the vet now:  Each time they are more pleased with her progress.  She’s become a celebrity at the clinic-all of the staff has to come in and love on her-she, in turn barks at them as they enter her examination room and again as they leave!  In between the barking, she’s wagging her tail and giving kisses.  She’s feeling so much better now!  While she is still on medications for some time to come and still has some recovery time with us while we wait for the healing process to move along, we know that Lizzy’s life has been saved and it’s now a matter of time to see what the future holds for her.  We are still unsure if more surgeries will be required or of how much continence Lizzy’s bowel will have, but we are hopeful she will have a good future.  Things are certainly heading in the right direction
Updates on Lizzy

September 15, 2009:

September 15:  AT LONG LAST!! Lizzy is ready to go to her new home!  It will be the first home Lizzy has had in all of her life--her forever home!  Lizzy has healed amazingly well from her surgery and has been spayed and is now ready to go HOME!!!!  Because of her surgery, Lizzy's bottom is a little different color from other dogs'--we hope her new mom and dad won't mind, because that doesn't change Lizzy's love for life and people. 

August 16, 2009:
Lizzy continues to do well, although it may still be sometime before her colon is completely healed--we keep her in our prayers for a complete recovery.  She is more puppy every day--before her surgery she was too sick to enjoy puppyhood, so now she plays and gets into all the mischief that she is big enough to!  Lizzy continues to visit the vet for check-ups and we've added some meds and taken some away in an effort to help her colon heal and enable her to lead a more normal life.  Lizzy seems to have forgotten the past and is ready to live a dog's life now!!!
December 1, 2009:  Note from Lizzy's new family

Our Lizzy, now Libee Lyn has settled into her new home and family.  We are getting regular updates on this extra-special baby:  Lizzy is one of the reasons everyone at SFRA keeps on doing rescue--one precious life at a time.  Thanks to the many who helped financially with Lizzy's surgery and after care and to those who emailed and asked all through her recovery how she was doing.  You can read just how she is below, from her new family:

"After only a week she is so much a part of this home. She is so bright. Each day seems to be a new day to see what is going on in the world. Lacey and Hanna Jo accepted her right away. So neat to watch them. A dog with a personality too. After a day with her you forget about her bottom. She seems to know when it is not right, but goes on any way. I can't remember how I ever got my house work done with out her help. HA HA.  She likes to cuddle, lay on her back next to me to have her belly rubbed, so what else could I want?  I couldn't suggest any stronger about adopting a rescue Schnauzer. I really think I needed her as much as she needed me........... "

Then the following week:
"Nancy, tell Tom his little girl is a keeper. She is special beyond special. She seems to know she is  in her forever and forever home.What a treat to have around. You are right, she gives so much love back. My son calls her the LIBBESTER because she just seems to rule all of us. Thank you for doing all you did for her to get this far.  GOD wanted  her to survive to be here for us. So grateful for you and the rescue group." Betty, Lacey, Hanna, and Libee Lyn

And last, but not least:
"What a girl.. Such a little busy body. Doesn't miss anything. Today she helped, HA HA HA  to put some Christmas decorations up.  I put, she looked in box to see what was next.  Ha. Thursday we finally got in the vet here. She was on a family trip for Thanksgiving. I know she will love her, too. Keep us in your prayers that she will take care of her for me, I sent ahead to the vet what the vets did to her. My neighbor took a picture so that will be coming. Truly know God kept her alive just for me. Can't think any other way about it. Thanks again for all you did to get her this far, She is loved much......" Betty, Lacey, Hanna and Lizzy- Libee Lyn